.Destination Video Series

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Ask any young adult where they're headed and you'll get a variety of answers. Some are out to make it rich; others face life with less income and more problems and don't have high expectations for the future. How can you respond to this generation?

Destination is set of 4 forty minute high-impact video messages delivering straight-on Biblical lessons with comedy and real-world insight. Each video opens with progressive music by Caedmon's Call or Dogs of Peace, followed by authentic, high-energy messages for Christian young adults.

Includes 96 page discussion book.

This video-driven study can be used in a varety of settings such as: Destination weekend retreats for singles or college students; Discipleship small-group studies; home Bible studies; Wednesday night studies; back-to-school studies for senior-high youth or returning freshmen; a "Metro" Bible study hosted by several churches. In addtion to the four videos, you get a 96 page book to guide discussion.
Here's what you'll find on each video...
Video 1
The Road Ahead

The Christian life is a journey. David describes the places God wants to take young adults to make them more like Him. This video helps them identify where they are on the road of life and the challenges that lie ahead.
Video 2
Signs that You Don't Get It

The most important thing for the journey is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Young adults often get sidetracked by the needs of life. David points out some of the signs to look for, and how to get back on track.
Video 3
Enjoy the Ride

Young adults get frustrated when they trust God with only certain areas of their lives. The secret of the Christian life is trusting Him with the details. David describes five positive reasons for trusting God in the details of life.
Video 3
Getting to Your Destination

Living from the inside out means making decision based on how these decision affect the Spirit of God inside you. David explain how asking the question "Is it holy?" helps Gen-Xers know and do God's will in any situation.

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