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Professional speaker David Edwards uses his experience as a member of Generation X to blend humor and personal insight to overcome the myths and hearsay within Postmodern mindset about God and Christianity. The Questions for Life Series helps the Postmodern mind develop a practical and Biblical doctrine & theology through humor and personal anecdotes.
  Regardless of where you are at the moment, realize that the questions for life never truly fade away. They keep coming back, especially amidst your most trying times. They will keep knocking at your hearts door until you turn and acknowledge their crucial role in finding the life of your dreams. Until you take hold of real explanations, you'll remain constantly searching for the answers that never fail.

These books don't "re-heat" the old teachings. Instead of serving leftovers, they dish up biblical answers that really do apply to the lives we live. These books keep it real and were written with you in mind. You'll notice that the title of each book forms a question. The title of each chapter also appear as questions. But the content of each chapter answers that chapter's question. When read in their entirety, the chapters together answer the big question posed by each book.

You can read these books in any order; they each stand on their own in dealing with a single topic. At the end of each book you'll find questions that will encourage an expanded discussion of the subject matter. Perfect for bringing a group of friends together to talk things through.

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