Dave's Reviews:

"We have had the pleasure of knowing Dave personally for many years. In our opinion, he is one of the greatest biblical teachers and communicators of our day."
— Point of Grace

"Funny and on target-Dave Edwards has the unique ability to capture your attention with humor and open your heart to the life-changing message he shares. Everyone needs to read and hear Dave Edwards!"
— Eddie Carswell

"Few communicators can hold a crowd like Dave Edwards. His blend of humor and insight positions him to be effective with audiences of all ages."
— Andy Stanley, Pastor
North Point
Community Church
Alpharetta, GA

"You'll find Dave to be witty, funny, but loving and bold in his presentation of the Gospel."
— Jay Strack

"I had the privilege of hearing Dave Edwards at a High School Graduation ceremony. Not your typical venue for interesting messages. You know the fifteen minute speech that feels like eternity about a topic that you have little or no interest in. You only came to see a family member receive a piece of paper, courteously applaud and then quickly exit to the party where the food is waiting.

Well that was not the case with Dave Edwards. He offered a humorous message with incredible substance that should be applied by everyone who was in the audience. I was thoroughly impressed with his candor and content as he delivered a challenging message to all who were listening. I would highly recommend David Edwards to anyone who desires more than fifteen minutes of dead space, because you will receive a relevant message for all ages."
- Paul Taylor
Pastor Flame of Fire Covenant Church
Abington, Ma

"Dave doesn't just speak to young people...he knows their world and he communicates!"
— Lanny Donoho

"As I've traveled across the country I've had the chance to meet countless Christian leaders. In many a conversation, Dave's name continues to pop up. He is regarded nationally as an excellent communicator of biblical truths for this generation."
— Kirby Trapolino
Caedmon's Call

"David's ability to communicate is humorous, fresh, innovative and runs deep in content and spirituality."
— Steve Seelig
Second Baptist Church
Houston, TX

"David is a nice young man."
— Dave's Mom

In my 30+ years of ministry, I have never met anyone who presents the message of hope and freedom in Christ more effectively than Dave Edwards. Dave is that rare breed of communicator that combines relevancy, poignancy, and even a humorous twist as he shares to his audience an uncompromising presentation of the gospel. Dave is a dear friend and a fellow soldier of the cross. I am happy to call him my friend and even more happy to recommend him without the slightest reservation to you!
- Jamey Ragle
Life Building Ministries www.jameyragle.org