Volume ...

A framework for living.

4 CD's and a special vinyl album

David Edwards

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Every singer needs a melody and a framework from which to sing. In the same way, every believer needs a framework for living.

Volume presents a framework for life that is powerful in its simplicity. It also contains the principles necessary to stimulate growth to become a fully devoted follower of Christ.

The melody God plays in us is transcendent, poetic, and heavenly. Our heart has been captured by his song and this experience cannot be explained by mere words. Words without life are words without reason—a sequence of chords without a melody. Volume will help you put reason and meaning in the words used to describe God in you.

God has produced a song in us that can only be heard as we practice the process of living in the light of his new life in us. Over time, each of us becomes an artist painting the reality of his truth across the canvas of life as we travel through it. In many ways this art is the graffiti, the street art of light explaining itself as it invades darkness.

The final measure, the apex of Volume is revealed in the framework of God's process in our lives. His process enables us to spontaneously choose holiness so that through the details of our lives we can live deliberate and focused lives with minimal distractions.

What God has composed in our hearts he desires to be amplified through our whole lives. This is Volume.